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Sunday School Registration: Fall 2019

This Fall, Sunday School will go back the beginning: Creation. Using a brand new curriculum from Storymakers, each child will get their very own zeen, as we dig into the story of creation together, telling it through art, storytelling, and play. Classes start Sept 15th at 10am (St. George’s) and 11a, (Calvary). Register today!

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Family Ministries

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If you'd like your children to be involved in either our Sunday School or Baby Nursery, please scroll up and register using the form above.



Weekly classes for children of all ages. Register using the form at the bottom of this page.


Christian Ed. for Middle and Highschool students


Dynamic weekly music classes


An immersive week of arts, music, and biblical narrative


Children are invited to participate in St. George’s main service


At Calvary-St. George’s Church, we know that spiritual formation begins with our youngest members. Our programing is designed to connect with children of all ages and developmental abilities with the intention of connecting families to the Christian faith. All programing focuses on 3 essentials of the Christian faith: God is FOR us, FORGIVES us, and is always WITH us.

Family Programing starts with infants and goes through young adulthood. Our talented team of volunteers warmly welcome our youngest members and communicate each Sunday that they are loved and forgiven through each of our offerings. Our team is enthusiastic, patient, kind, and have experience working with children.

For more information on any of our programs, please email



Sunday School

Calvary-St.George’s offers weekly Sunday School classes and childcare for children of all ages at St. George’s 10 AM and Calvary 11 AM services.

PRE-K - KINDER: " Under His Wings" approaches spiritual formation through interactive storytelling and play. Our primary focus is to create positive experiences as our youngest learners begin to engage in God's great story. Our objective is for our little ones to know that God created them, loves them, and hears their prayers.

FIRST-THIRD: "The Fearless" begin to memorize verses, navigate through their Bible and discover what it means to be a Christian. The themes we explore are FAITH, GRACE, & COMPASSION. Our objective is for children to know they have a God that understands and forgives them, therefore they have NOTHING to FEAR.

FOURTH GRADE: "The Rejoicers" delve deeper into the Bible and the overarching narrative of God's grace for sinners. Our hope for each participant is to see themselves as RECEIVERS of God's active grace.

PLEASE NOTE: During Sunday School, children will be working with paints, markers, crayons and glue. Please dress your children appropriately (smocks will be available). In addition we are a NUT FREE zone, if you are interested in sending a snack with your child to Sunday School, please keep this in mind.

For more information contact the parish office at 646 723 4178, or email

Baby Nursery

INFANCY-TODDLERHOOD: Nursery Care is provided at St. George’s 10 AM & Calvary 11 AM. The nursery is located in the Jack & Jill School at St. George’s Church. During the 11 AM service INFANT nursery care is located in the lobby of Calvary. For children 15 months and older, childcare is provided in the playroom of Calvary (Located in the lower lobby of Calvary).

Youth Corps

MIDDLE SCHOOL - HIGH SCHOOL: Youth Corps will explore Faith in service of our neighbor by participating in the church through our various ministries. When a young teen joins they will find themselves serving in the capacity of Acolytes, Readers, Sunday School Assistants, Church Announcements, and Exploratory Brunches. Together as we grow in Faith, our hope is to broaden our teens experience in the church so they have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith.