The next Seven-week Course will kick off in an upcoming season. To find out more, feel free to e-mail us here:

Time: Tuesdays, 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Location: Calvary Church | Anderson Hall | 61 Gramercy Park N. , New York, NY 10010

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All curious minds are welcome to join us for a session of THE FUNDAMENTALS. The course is designed for those seeking truth and meaning in the city of New York and beyond.  The course will include a complimentary meal, provocative talk, and discussion. 

What an evening looks like...

We'll gather at 6pm for refreshments and conversation, then at 6:30pm dinner is served. At 7:30pm, The Reverend Jacob A. Smith will present a talk on a theological topic: a tenant of the Christian faith. We'll finish up the evening with dessert and conversation at 8pm and end the evening at 8:45pm.

Join us to discover a deeper understanding of where you end and God begins. 

  • What is Theology?

  • Biblical Anthropology (Who Are You?)

  • The Doctrine of God ( Who Is God?)

  • Who is Jesus? (Man, God, or Both?)

  • Christ’s Work and What it Accomplishes? (Justification)

  • The Holy Spirit? (God with Us, when he seems absence)

  • Eschatology (The End Times)

At the end of the season, we celebrate with a celebration supper: The Fundamentals Finale - putting the fun in The Fundamentals!

This course is free, but you need to register to be a part of it - simply e-mail us now: