The Forum

The Forum is an important resource for Christian formation at Calvary – St. George’s Church. Designed to delve deeply into the central topics of the Christian faith, The Forum offers classes that will lead you to a richer understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please join us Sundays at Calvary Church at 12:30pm-1:30pm in Anderson Hall (61 Gramercy Park North). 

See below for the full schedule and offerings:


Spring 2018: The Atonement


This Spring, The Forum will take an in depth look at the atonement. Why did Jesus come to die, and why specifically on a cross. Each of these classes will explore this Christian doctrine in their own way, and hopefully allow us to see this concept in a more nuanced light. 

Anderson Hall  |  61 Gramercy Park North  at 12:30pm

January 21

“Atonement: The Passover and the Exodus” by The Rev. Ben DeHart

January 28

“Atonement: The Last Judgment” by The Rev. Ben DeHart

February 11

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The Season That Begins In The Dark

presented by the Reverend Fleming Rutledge

“Grace Along the Way: Pilgrimage and Ordinary Time” by Molly Jane Layton

February 18

“Atonement: Christus Victor” by The Rev. Ben DeHart

February 25

“Atonement: The Descent into Hell” by The Rev. Ben DeHart

March 4

“The Resurrected Friend” by The Rev. Dr. Victor Lee Austin

March 11

“Atonement: Substitution” by The Rev. Ben DeHart

March 18

“Atonement: Recapitulation” by The Rev. Ben DeHart