Christian Education

at Calvary Church

The Forum is an important resource for Christian formation at Calvary – St. George’s Church. Designed to delve deeply into the central topics of the Christian faith, The Forum offers classes that will lead you to a richer understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please join us for these talks and a free lunch on Sundays at Calvary Church at 12:30 - 1pm in Anderson Hall (61 Gramercy Park North, Manhattan). 

Fall-Winter 2019: The Year of the Bible

The Forum will continue its in-depth look at every book of the Scriptures. Every teacher, in every class, will tackle a book. It's the year of the Bible. Take this year as an opportunity to read the Bible from cover to cover together with us, while delve into each book during the talks, which include a free lunch. We’ve delved deep into The Old Testament from January to June, now we’re ready to take on The New Testament.

TIME: Sundays resuming September 22 from 12:30 - 1 pm

LOCATION: Calvary Church | Anderson Hall | 61 Gramercy Park North, Manhattan

September 22  | Matthew, Mark & Luke
presented by The Rev. Ben DeHart

September 29  |  John
presented by Ms. Kris Vieira

October 6  |  Acts
presented by The Rev. Irving Douglas Estella

October 13 |  Romans
presented by The Rev. Jacob Smith

October 20  |  I & II Corinthians
presented by The Rev. Ben DeHart

October 27 |  Galatians, Ephesians & Philippians
presented by Ms. Lesedi Ntsele

November 3 |  Colossians, I & II Thessalonians
     presented by The Rev. Ben DeHart

November 10 |  I & II Timothy, Titus, Philemon
presented by The Rev. Ben DeHart

November 17  |  Hebrews
presented by The Rev. Ben DeHart or Ms. Molly Jane Layton

November 24  |  James
presented by The Rev. Jim Munroe

December 1  |  I & II Peter
presented by The Rev. Ben DeHart

December 8 |  I, II & III John & Jude
presented by The Rev. Ben DeHart

December 15 |  Revelation
presented by Dr. Krystyna Sanderson

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The Season That Begins In The Dark

presented by the Reverend Fleming Rutledge

at St. George’s Church 

Join us in 2019 for Coffee Talk at St. George’s Church. These short lectures take place in the chantry right after the service over snacks and coffee. The time commitment is small, but the takeaways are large. We’ll continue delving into Sunday Saints with The Rev. Jim Munroe. See you there!