The Muhlenberg Lenten Reflections

Each Lent, The Parish of Calvary St. George's is presents "The Muhlenberg Lenten Reflections." This four day event features daily lectures by acclaimed theologians, continuing the vision of William Augustus Muhlenberg, a 19th century clergyman and educator.

As the rector of Holy Communion Church here in New York City, he was a pioneer in the liturgical movement of the Episcopal Church in the mid 1800's, and was the first Episcopal priest to hold weekly Eucharist. He considered himself 'evangelical and catholic,' being devoted to Christ, the Scriptures, and to the shared faith of the historic universal church.

The lectures take place in The Chapel of St. George's Church.

We're excited to share details of our 2019 series as they become available. Here’s a sneak peek from The Rev. Ben DeHart:

This spring (2019), the Very Rev. Dr. Leander Harding, dean of The Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, New York, will deliver our Muhlenberg Lectures. Dr. Harding was Jake and my pastoral theology professor at seminary (a favorite sage) and taught us many profound truths including the adage, “People can’t hear you until they’re moving towards you.” (Think about it.)