Weekly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  The staff of Calvary-St. George's is so thankful for all the hard work that has gone into making this year's Candlelight another huge success.  On behalf of the staff and vestry of Calvary-St. George's, I want to thank you for attending Candlelight, our New York City Tradition.  

Candlelight is a momentous service, and you sharing the experience with us year after year always makes it incredibly special.  In this day and age, many are asking two questions:

One, is religion the cause of many of today's divisions?

And Two, is religion still relevant at all?  

At Calvary-St. George's you will find a community of people who have been humbled by life, and are therefore clinging to the message of a good and gracious God--a God who is with us and has saved us by the work of his son in our darkest hour. Far from causing division, this truth becomes a unifier because it places us on the universal playing field of need.  When this becomes the main theme (God graciously meeting our need), the Christian religion is always relevant because all of us have a wound or heart-felt desire that only God can meet.  

Calvary-St. George's is the oldest Protestant church in our community. If you do not have a regular church home, I would like to personally invite you to explore one of our many services this Christmas season. Experience for yourself whether religion, specifically the Christian religion when it is properly understood and articulated, is divisive and/or irrelevant.  Thank you again for coming and we'll see you at Candlelight.     


The Reverend Jacob A. Smith