Weekly Newsletter

Dear Calvary-St. George's Family,

Like all of you, I was horribly disturbed this week by the largest mass shooting in our country's modern history. This last month has been tough to say the least: all of the natural disasters, government scandals, and gun violence (and this is only in the United States, have you heard what is happening in Myanmar?).  

The religious and worldly response has always been a call to exercise more control:  enforce laws, create new boundaries, regulate people. Before the age of reason, we would throw our children into the oceans to appease the sea gods, and offer some sort of corn offering in order to prevent a volcanic eruption or earthquake. We would blindly grope from regulation to regulation, sacrifice to sacrifice, in hope that our efforts would somehow appease the craziness in this world and bring about some sort of peace.  However, 2000 years ago, one man came and made the claim to be God. In his death and resurrection he broke through this fallen world and revealed that God is good and for us.  This man was Jesus Christ.  

This Sunday, we will be continuing our sermon series for stewardship titled "Continuing the Cause" where my topic will be "Our Only Mediator."  I will hope to deliver the heart of the Gospel: that the Good News is not about us and how we are going to change the world, eventually inviting Jesus to join us.  Rather that, the heart of the Gospel is Christ as our only mediator and advocate.  In the midst of a crazy world Christ was crucified, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again.


The Reverend Jacob A. Smith