The Fundamentals

A Unique Course In Systematic Theology

Tuesdays at 6:30pm, beginning May 2nd and running for 8 weeks

The Chapel of St. George's Church

4 Rutherford Place, East of 3rd Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets in New York City.  

After the Resurrection Jesus tells his disciples that he will meet them in Galilee, where it all began. The Christian faith is experienced by going back to the beginnings. The Fundamentals is an eight week course in Christian Systematic Theology.  In this class we will learn some of key concepts in Christianity such as: what is soteriology? who really is Jesus?  what can you expect in the Last Days?  Join us Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. in the Chapel of St. George's as we explore the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith.  

Some of the big topics covered are....

Are you spiritually formed by the Cross or your own Glory? We will discuss what it really means to be "right with God". Many Christians have an opinion on that rightness means. Our thesis will be in the same thinking of Gerhard Forde who says " To be a receiver, to believe that the gift is complete, is to be "right with God." What does it mean to be right with God, in light of the cross? Your answer to that question will determine whether you are a theologian of the cross or glory.

Are we formed in Suffering? If the song is true, " He has the whole world in his hands', then why does the world experience suffering and through these experiences are we spiritually formed? We are going to take a look at God in light of suffering and define how we are spiritually formed in those moments. Is God responsible? Do we believe He is in control of both the good, bad, and the ugly?

Holistic Living We will be delving into our spiritual formation. The world says we are formed from the OUTSIDE in, conversely Jesus teaches we are formed from the INSIDE out. It is the INSIDE, the heart problem that Jesus forms and three we are no longer slaves to compartmentalization in Christ, rather we are given to live integrated lives. The integrated life appears to be a life of devotion rather than discipline. The encounter of forgiveness in Christ leads to devotion not obligation, which then leads us to holistic living. We are enabled to encounter and deal with all areas of our lives.

Spiritual Formation Now that we have been given everything how do we go about life? Over the course of the 8 weeks we will be exploring what it means to be spiritually formed. We'll examine the Teachings of Jesus and discuss what it means to interact with the notion Christ is not concerned with the OUTSIDE in BUT the INSIDE out. Jesus' teachings lead to a life that is no longer compartmentalized, but a life of integration.

Eschatology The end times. Come and hear what the Bible has to say on this subject. You will be pleased to hear it is nothing to do with the Left Behind series.