The Forum is an important resource for Christian formation at Calvary – St. George’s Church. Designed to delve deeply into the central topics of the Christian faith, The Forum offers classes that will lead you to a richer understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Forum will begin in 2017 with classes in January.  Please join us Sundays at either St. George's Church at 11:30am (7 Rutherford Pl.) or Calvary Church at 12:45pm-2:00pm in Anderson Hall (61 Gramercy Park North).  Childcare and a light lunch will be provided.

Set Free for Freedom

presented by Jay Gardner
Sunday Jan. 8th and 15th After both the St. George's 10am Service and the Calvary 11am Service

This two-week class will consider the notion of freedom and the Christian life. We'll take a look at a biblical and theological perspective on freedom, while also investigating classical and contemporary notions of the subject matter. This class will touch on questions of Christian identity and purpose.

Sunday Jan. 8th and 15th After both the St. George's 10am Service and the Calvary 11am Service

The Cruelty of Heresy

presented by Ben DeHart
Sunday Jan. 22nd and 29th After both the St. George's 10am Service and the Calvary 11am Service

Two years ago, Ben taught a five week class on various heresies in the Christian Church. This January, he's back with two more that we still see pop up regularly in the Church. Come and see why these heresies are actually cruel for sufferers like you and me, and why orthodoxy (or right belief) is so much more freeing/lifegiving.

How to Suffer Well: Emotional and Spiritual Implications

presented by Krystyna Sanderson
Febuary 19th at Calvary Church and March 5th at St. George's Church

The provocative title of this forum says it all!

'Frigid Fires, Honest Ghosts and a Mountain of Guilt':
Purgatory and the Imagination

presented by Josiah Cavanaugh & Kris Vieira
February 19th and 25th at St. George's church and March 5th and 12th at Calvary Church

Martin Luther once called Purgatory "the greatest falsehood." Article XXII of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion printed in the Book of Common Prayer refers to Purgatory as "a fond thing, vainly invented. . .rather repugnant to the Word of God." Indeed, there is no explicit mention of it in Scripture, and yet the concept has made its way into great works of theology and art, and it remains a prevalent doctrine of the Roman Church. Some evangelicals and Protestants believe in it; even C.S. Lewis entertained the idea. If Purgatory is merely an invention, why has it been so popular? This course will chart the development of Purgatory from its earliest traces to its vestiges today. Along the way, we will examine the legacy of Purgatory in art, focussing especially on the poetry of Dante and Shakespeare's Hamlet. Our intention is to uncover the authentic human desires that Purgatory seems to satisfy and to affirm how looking to the Cross reveals the better way.

Getting Logidzomied

presented by Jim Munroe
Febuary 26th at Calvary Church and March 12th at St. George's Church

In a Time Magazine article titled Heard Any Good Sermons Lately?, it states that "Every Sunday more than 400,000 Christian preachers mount the pulpit to interpret the ways of God to man." In this Forum, Jim Munroe will explore some of the marks of sermons that really deliver the goods on God's grace. Hopefully, Jim will also explain the title of the Forum.

Companionship and Solitude:
Singleness and Marriage in Christian Community

presented by Molly-Jane Layton
Jason and Rebekah Wallin

March 19th and 26th at both Calvary and St. George's Church

How do singleness and marriage together reflect God’s love? What can singles and married couples learn from each other? In the first week, we will speak about the theology of singleness and marriage and how each state of being reflects different aspects of God’s love. In the second week, we will discuss how singles and married couples can strengthen our community through deep relationships with each other. Everyone is welcome, regardless of marital status!

We can’t wait for these exciting new offerings. For more information, contact  Ben DeHart.