Pledge Campaign 2016
I AM Calvary - St George's

Dear Friends,
On May 12, Pew Research Center released an article entitled “America’s Changing Religious Landscape.” The article made the point that Christianity is experiencing an aggressive decline in our country. Whatever it means — one thing is for sure — Calvary-St. George’s is bucking the trend. 

We are in the midst of a profound resurgence. The Bishop of New York recently said that “Calvary-St. George's is poised to become one of the great leading churches in the city of New York. It is a wellspring of life and vitality and spiritual maturity for the Diocese of New York.” 

Right now, our members are finding and rediscovering Christianity through our community and our ministries. Atheists have reconsidered their worldview, people have converted from other religions, Christians on their way out the door of Christianity have rediscovered their faith, and our long-time members continue to serve and be loved by the community. I credit these fruit to our singular focus on the message of God’s immeasurable grace to absolutely everyone. 

This year our stewardship campaign, entitled “I AM Calvary-St. George’s”, focuses on four of the great “I AM” statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John. This campaign will articulate that because Jesus is the great I AM, we are free to share the grace of God with the world. 

My prayer is that this year’s stewardship campaign will enable you to see your important role in our church community, financially and with your time and talent.

I AM Calvary-St. George’s,

-The Reverend Jacob A. Smith
Priest - in - Charge

Online Pledge Form, 2016

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Goals for 2016

• Develop a strategic multi-year engagement and evangelism campaign focusing on the 100,000+ people in and around Stuyvesant Town

• Develop pastoral care and programming for adults under the leadership of the Rev. Jim Munroe

• Expand our children and family programming with new and more frequent events, including pastoral programming for parents

• Engage newcomers in the vitality of our parish life: the Forum, the Olmsted Salon, Mockingbird, devotion groups, music ministry, social activities, etc.

How Much To Give?

100% of your gift goes toward ministry

Calvary-St George’s needs the prayerful support of all of its members in to order to meet this year’s goals. To achieve this we need to raise at least $519,000, a 6% increase relative to last year. 

• This year, we ask that you think about your pledge in proportion to your resources. The idea of proportional giving originates in Biblical guidance in the Old Testament. It is a framework that helps us think about the amount we choose to give — or, better said — give back. Must it be exactly 10% of household income? No, we understand everyone's circumstances are different. Some people can give 3%, others 13%. Every pledge is needed and valued, from the widow's mite to the major gift.

• For those who are able, a pledge of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more, will have a substantial, visible impact on our church programming and mission to spread the Gospel.

• Please consider us in your will and estate planning. Legacy gifts are vital to the Church's financial health. Please call Mark Tenniswood at 646-723-4178 to discuss legacy giving.