Creative Arts Camp

Registration for this year's camp is now closed. If you're registered, we look forward to seeing you on June 26th. Details for your week's adventure are below!

Come walk through “The Great Escape” set on June 25th following the 11am service.  Our artists and volunteers have been working for many months to prepare a unique experience of the Gospel for campers ages 3-12. CAC runs June 26th-30th.

The CAC TEAM is thrilled to have you join us as we explore,“ The Great Escape.” Together we will sing songs, create art, and so much more. Each camper will be assigned to a class as an OWL, HIPPO, CAMEL, CHEETAH, SCARAB, CROCODILE, or RAVEN. Your family will receive a notification indicating each campers class assignment. Below our team has listed what your family will need to know in preparation for camp.

REGISTRATION begins each day in the Narthex of Calvary Church located at 277 Park Ave South. Doors will open at 3:20 PM and will reopen at 5:20 PM for pick-up. Each day campers will sign-in with their guardians and will receive their class name tag. Campers will then be escorted to Anderson Hall, where all the fun begins. Please arrive on time so your camper doesn't miss any of the fun!!!

PICK-UP is located in Calvary Church located at 277 Park Ave South. The doors will open at 5:20 PM for pick-up. Each camper will be located in a designated pew each day. 20 parents will be allowed in at a time to ensure the safety and departure of each camper. Parents or designated caregivers will be required to sign each camper out.

SCHEDULE: Each day campers will register then be escorted into,The RED SEA, where all the fun begins. Campers will be greeted by their teachers and sit with their assigned class. The fabulous Ms. Jackie and Mr. Matt will then lead our campers in music and begin exploring our shadow puppet presentation. Campers are then released to their assigned classes, where they will begin their art projects.

SNACKS: Campers will be offered snacks each day. Campers are provided with water, pretzels, or goldfish. * IF a camper has an allergy and would like to bring a snack please send a note and snack with your camper. The CAC Team is happy to provide the list of ingredients in our snacks upon request.

T-SHIRTS : Campers will be given T-shirts by their teachers. Our team asks that each family consider making a 20.00 donation to cover the cost of the shirts. Donations can be made to any of our registration volunteers and checks can be written to Calvary-St. George’s Episcopal Church.

Thank you so much for joining us for another week of camp. Our team looks forward to hosting each camper as we explore the great themes of Exodus. Please note, camp runs from
June 26th - 30th from 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM. Camp is located at Calvary Episcopal Church, 277 Park. Ave. South. For further questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to 

On July 2nd, parishioners are invited to visit Egypt for a special screening of "The Great Escape," a shadow puppet film produced by our parish, specifically for our camp.  Join us in Anderson Hall at 12:30pm for this adventure of epic proportions. See you there!

In June of last year we engaged the story of "The Great Flood." Through this story we learned where HOPE is to be found in the midst of the storm and what it means to be part of God's Redemptive story. 

DOWNLOAD our CAC 2016 THEME SONG, written and produced by The Parish of Calvary ~ St. George's. Right Click (or Option Click on Mac) and "Save As."

A Look Back at Creative Arts Camp 2016

The Great Flood: Creative Arts Camp 2016 Short Film