Creative Arts Camp

Calvary ~ St. George's presents Creative Arts Camp. CAC is a FREE program held the last week of June for one week. Children from the community are invited to participate in a time of creativity which includes; singing, drama, crafts and story telling. Our program is offered free of charge and is fun for children of all ages. Registration will be open Jan. 2016 

Calvary St. George's Church is pleased to present, "The Great Flood," for CAC 2016. Registration opens on Feb. 1st, register below.  Space is limited so do register early.  CAC will run June 20th-24th (Monday. - Friday) from 3:30-5:30 PM at Calvary Church (277 Park Ave. S).  

Through the story of, "The Great Flood,"  we will consider where HOPE is to be found in the midst of the storm. We will explore what it means to be part of God's Redemptive story.  Each camp day we will engage in the arts; we will sing, paint, draw, and explore story together through shadow puppetry. CAC will conclude with a performance from the children and presentation of their art work.  We hope you will consider joining us once again!!!

DOWNLOAD our CAC 2015 THEME SONG, written and produced by The Parish of Calvary ~ St. George's. Right Click (or Option Click on Mac) and "Save As."

A Look Back at Creative Arts Camp 2015

The Story of Creation: Creative Arts Camp 2015 Short Film