Archives & Research

At Calvary ~ St. George's

Archives & Research Queries: Although we do not have a staff librarian at Calvary-St. George's, we welcome archival requests with the understanding that church services and current programing must take priority to the scheduling of our staff time toward research. Please be advised that records and research are subject to a fee schedule.  Below is an explanation of our fees attached to research.

Queries may be addressed to:
Or call the church office at: 646.723.4178


Non-parishioners' queries on marriage, baptism, or death records: To research, locate, and receive a digital record a marriage, baptism, or death archives Calvary-St. George's now charges $50 per record when the staff from the church are required to make the record (i.e. find, photograph, and email the record)

Example: A digital photo of the church's marriage record will be sent to the non-parishioners querying at an assessment of $50.

For historical research outside the scope of communicants' records: When church staff is needed for historical research outside the scope of communicants' records, the historian making the query will be advised that we do not have a librarian and that time for preliminary research by staff will be assessed at $50 per hour. This excludes photographs. Records emailed will be charged an additional $20 per record. Most historical research usually requires a minimum of two or three hours. This will be charged even if the findings do NOT yield the desired result.

Parishioner queries:
For parishioners coming to the church to research church records by appointment, Please be advised that a donation is standard practice for appointment research. A suggested donation is $50 per record.

Fees and/or time at the church office for extended research by historians (rather than staff) must be approved by Mark Tenniswood, Director of Operations.