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04/21/2017, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

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Don't miss a reading of Will Eno's play Middletown by SEADOG THEATER company 
April 21, 7:30 PM, FREE​

Middletown is a deeply moving and funny new play exploring the universe of a small American town. As a friendship develops between longtime resident John Dodge and new arrival Mary Swanson, the lives of the inhabitants of Middletown intersect in strange and poignant ways in a journey that takes them from the local library to outer space and points between.

"Delicate, moving, piercing, tart, funny, gorgeous. Mr. Eno’s gift may be unmatched among writers of his generation. Glimmers from start to finish." - New York Times



Cave Readings
209 E. 16th Street (enter through the courtyard) 
New York, NY 10010